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Fashion fad fails

4 Jul

Looking at my posts so far, I’ve realised I’m sounding a little critical of the world. So please don’t picture me as this keyboard warrior that blogs about how much I hate everything, because that’s honestly not me! But hey, there’s nothing that brings people together like a common enemy, right? Yeah, you know it’s true.

So let me introduce the next enemy – ridiculous fashion fads. I’m not one to jump onto the bandwagon of the latest fashion craze that stocks Supre’s shelves and dresses it’s tween customers. I’ll admit that by the time I’ve decided it’s semi-bearable,┬áit’s already ‘omg, like, so last month!’

Here’s a few that I wish went lame uber quick.


Yup, onesies.I know I’m gonna have a lot of people leave this post now after reading that but it’s true. At Groovin the Moo festival in Canberra this year, I was surprised to see so many people wearing them. Onesies have a place at home when you want to get super snuggly for bed, but when you start wearing it out in public? Nup.

Animal hats with those seriously long sides

I have no idea if there’s actually a term for these hats (if you know it, please enlighten me). They’re daggy and just weird!

‘Geek’ tees and fake glasses

Hey, you there, with your printed ‘GEEK’ tee stretched across your bought DD chest, blonde extensions and thick, black rimmed glasses without┬áno lens – who are you trying to kid?

Short shorts with the white pockets sticking out the bottom

Yeah, when that starts to happen, you know your shorts are too short. But when they’re made like that on purpose, you know it’s way too daggy and skanky to be cool.

Muscle singlets so low you can see the nipples

Nobody likes to see a dude’s hairy nipple. Like, ever. Especially when you’re a scrawny looking twelvie, carrying around a chunky weight belt ‘cos you’re ‘getting shredded for Stereo’. Cover it up boys!

Any more fashion crazes that drive you crazy? Comment below! I can guarantee I’ll be adding to this list, so keep coming back for updates!

And one last piece of advice;