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Social media don’ts

1 Jul

We’re all addicted to social media. Like crazy addicted, ‘I’m going through withdrawals because I haven’t checked the newsfeed since five minutes ago’ addicted. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr, you name it, we’re on it.

But unfortunately, there are always those people on our friends list that have us reaching for the block button with their inane habits.

Here are a few social media crimes that are unfortunately committed way too often.

  • #hashtagoverload.

The serious overuse of totally pointless hashtags on an Instagram pic is getting tiresome. Especially when they hashtag absolutely everything in that picture. Oh, and hashtags have no place on Facebook. #ever

  • #somehashtagsthataresolongyoucantevenreadthem.

This needs no explanation.

  • More than one selfie a day.

We know what you look like. We don’t need a daily reminder of that same duck pout.

  • A selfie with an unrelated quote as the description.
  • A quote from a song that is so obviously about someone.
  • Any ‘Like for a tbh’ status.

I seriously hope this craze has run it’s course by now.

  • Anything containing the words ‘I’m bored’.

I’ll tell you what’s boring. Reading this status!

  • Foodporn of every. Single. Meal.

You like to eat. We get it.

  • Foodporn that doesn’t look appetising in any way.

Check out my blog on foodporn fails!

  • Checking-in to ‘bed’ or your ‘home’.

Enough said.

If you’ve witnessed some more annoying habits on social media, comment and let me know!